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Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Item No.: BTD700
Product Feature:
1.Adopts advance technology of ultra low power consumption micro control unit
2.High bright LED digital display the concentration of Carbon Monoxide.
3.Ultra small size, delicate design
4.One button intelligent operation
5.Sensor applied advance electrochemistry technology
6.Two levels alarm, light and sound
7.Strobe light clear identification
8.Voice prompt, English and Chinese optional
9.Low power consumption design with unique power saving function

Technical Parameter:
1.Power: 3 pieces AAA battery 4.5V
2.Standby Current: 15uA
3.Working Temperature: 4℃-38℃
4.Working Humidity: relative humidity 10%-95%
5.Concentration of Alarm: 150PPM(±50PPM)
6.Alarm Time: Concentration exceed 200PPM will keep alarm
7.Wireless Frequency: 433MHz
8.Wireless transmitting distance: 100 meters (In open area)