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Digital Three-tech Infrared Detector

Anti-pet 35KGS, PIRGN MW dual protection
Unique below window design, completely eliminate the detection dead ends
Highly anti-EMI
Doppler (effect) + energy analysis
X-Band microwave adopted
Adjustable microwave detection range
Alarm output: NC / NO optional, adapt to different alarm control panels
Artificial intelligence techniques to identify intruders and interference signals
Detecting distance: 12m, detecting angle: 110°
Operating voltage: DC9-16V

Detecting distance 12m
Detecting angle 110°
Operation voltage DC 9-16V
Static current 18mA
Alarm current 30mA(12V)
Microwave frequency 10.525Ghz
Working temperature -10°- 50°
Alarm output NO/NC
Tamper output NC
Installation Wall mounted, 2.2m height
Exterior dimension 129.8mm*62.7mm*51.4mm