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Dual Technology with Pet immunity PIR detector

Item No.: BTD500-15
BTD500-15 is a passive-infrared motion detector that monitors unusual movements on your premises. This accessory activates your alarm system when detecting an unusual movement.
Main performance
Detection range: 12m.
Anti-pet range of 10m, VPT pet anti-false alarm design.
False positives caused by rodents.
Dual passive infrared detection technology.
Temperature compensation.
Anti-white light interference.
Anti-radio frequency interference (10Mhz ~ 1Ghz).
Professional Fenier lens
Bipolar pulse technology adjustable
Unique anti-fluorescence interference
Low power consumption

Technical indicators
Operating voltage: 12VDC (9-16VDC)
Working current: <16Ma (warning), <20mA (alarm)
Anti-pet: anti-33Kg dog or four cats caused by false positives
Alarm contacts: NC, max100VDC / 500mA
Alarm time: 2.2s
Warm-up time: 2 minutes
RFI characteristics: 22V / m at 10Mhz ~ 1Ghz
Operating temperature: 0 ° ~ 55 °
Dimensions: 107 × 58 × 46mm
Installation: wall / corner
Installation height: 1.8 ~ 2.5m
Detection range: General 12m, anti-pet: 10m

The product is pet-immunity passive infrared detector with high stability. It has adopted advanced technology in signal processing and provided super high detection ability and anti error alarm. The detector will detect movement of human automatically when intruder passes through the detection area, and it will send out alarm signal to alarm host if there is movement. The product is suitable for the safety of residential house, villas, factories, markets, warehouses, office building etc.

Specifically designed for home usage,with signal capture ability, false positives, low false negative rate, low power consumption and real temperature compensation characteristics, dual passive infrared detection technology, anti-pet function, can prevent 20kg dog, 2 cats or a plurality of rodents.