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Metal Store Roller Shutter Door Magnetic Reed Switch

Item No.: BTD200-02
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Technical Parameters
Model BTD200-02
Materials Zinc alloy,Stainless steel pipe
Rated Voltage 220V or 12VDC or 24VDC
Rated Current5 500mA
Rated Power 10W
Connecting Mode N.C/N.O
Operating Distance 60-70mm
Application Roller door, gate door, etc.
Color Silver gray
Package white box(1pcs)
Wireless launch distance >100meters

1. PIR sensor is used to detect object with temperature, detecting room, living room, balcony and so on.
2. Fixing the stent on the wall and install the sensor, the installation height is 1.8-2.2 meter from the ground.
3. After installation, adjust the holder angles to change sensor's detective range and sensitivity.
4. Avoid installing in the outdoor/place with pet/near to the airconditioner and heat source/direct sunlight place/under the rotation of the object.