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Passive infrared,microwave and MCU processor tri-tech detector

Item No.: BTD500-21
Three-tech detector refers to the application of infrared-led, microwave-assisted, single-chip intelligent processing (PIR / MW / AI) integrated detection technology detector.

This product can be used in banks, warehouses, home and other indoor places
Product Features
① Detection range: 12m.
② Doppler (effect) + energy analysis
③ microwave using X-Band planar antenna
④ automatic temperature compensation, reduce false positives
⑤ anti-white light interference technology
⑥ LED ON / OFF optional,
⑦ sensitivity adjustment has four stalls
⑧ alarm trigger mode AND / OR optional

⑨ anti-pet <35kg

Technical parameters
Model No.  
Operating Voltage 12VDC(9-16VDC)
Warm-up time 1 minute
Detection angle 90°
Alarm time 1s
Working current <50mA
Detection range Ordinary 12m, anti-pet: 10m
Mounting height The best 1.8m, 1.8 ~ 2.2m
Alarm contact NC,max100VDC/500mA
Alarm time 1 minute
Detetion method Microwave + infrared
Sensor type Dual element low noise pyroelectric infrared sensor
Microwave antenna types Planar Antenna with High Frequency GaAsFET Oscillator
Microwave frequency 10.525Ghz
LED display Green: infrared trigger, yellow: microwave trigger
Red: Alarm
Installation Wall