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Perimeter protection anti-theft electric fence system

Item No.: BTD-EFII
Pulse host,LCD screen,the pulse period can be freely adjusted,the host with the switch and DC12V2A auxiliary power output interface
The new host system features:

1, the industry's first color display Pulse host host operating state, the screen size is 4.3 inches, and most industry;
2. LCD screen savers using processing operations master two minutes after not host closed LCD, which greatly reduces the host's power consumption and improve the efficiency of the host, the national advocate for energy saving electronic product requirements; but also can confuse criminals , that the host is in the off state, illegal operation; so achieve better warning effect.
3, can be modified by the host control panel host parameters, such as: the zone number, the high voltage output amplitude, period, etc;
4, power supply with wide input voltage range, around the world to adapt to the environment (AC: 100 ~ 260V), better than traditional electronic fence host power input requirements (AC: 180 ~ 220).
5, the high voltage output gear is adjustable, 0.7KV, 2.5KV, 3.0KV ,, 3.5KV, 4.0 KV, 4.5KV ,, 5.0 KV, depending on the user-friendly environment to set the appropriate high voltage pulse; you can also remotely control terminal set the host sub-period timing voltage output;
6, the pulse period can be freely adjusted, the fastest for 1s (GB request);
7, the host uses the New Zealand stafix high output technology, enabling each on the front fence lines with high voltage pulse, so that the intruder exploits, this technology has the following advantages: 1. The same output voltage than conventional BI- Polar technology crackdown stronger (actual customer experience), 2, higher voltage output efficiency;
8, LCD screen display rich content, host job status, pulse duration, pulse amplitude, alarm condition, the output high voltage waveform, the zone number, power status, system real time;
9, the host built-in alarm horn, alarm is triggered when the host, the alarm horn sound an alarm, prompting staff to deal with the police intelligence, superior to the traditional host.
10, the host with the switch and DC12V2A auxiliary power output interface, the host is a traditional fence DC12V1A, can only take one alarm, but DC12V2A means being able to take two alarms.
11, the host interface built-in 12-volt battery 4AH, life can reach 10 hours, can also be equipped with a higher capacity battery according to the customer;
12. Construction alignment designed, easy to install;
13, (four lines, six lines) within the host independently arm, disarm, industry-leading;
14, 485 communications using the traditional way, by controlling the keyboard or control software, enabling multi-level networking;
15, designs unique patented technology, simple, elegant, and beautiful.

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