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Solar Panel Power Supply Electric Fence Energizer

Item No.: UM-S2i
12KV Farm Security Electric Fence Energizer Protecting Livestock and Animals Solar Electric Fence Energizer

1. Power supply mode: adaptor (voltage range 110VAC-240VAC); DC12V battery; Solar panel power supply
2. Working mode selection: 1.5s and 2.5s are free to switch; Day and night intelligent automatic recognition, working mode can automatically switch; the output energy can be adjusted;
3. The LCD displays the working status of the host (output voltage, input power, pulse cycle, working mode and etc.), LED indicator power supply and output voltage strength;
4. The controller is waterproof and dustproof.
5. The host is equipped with wireless remote control function, supports remote setting operation, and the wireless frequency is 433MHz, 1527 code, which can be matched with the remote control of this frequency code. (Optional)

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