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Self-contained combustible gas detector-Ceiling installation

Item No.: BTD300-11
A gas leak detector is a piece of equipment or a device that senses and detects the existence of gases in a particular area. These devices are used as a part of safety systems installed in factories, homes and commercial complexes.


Ø highly reliable imported sensor
Ø automatic reset
Ø MCU processor
Ø automatic fault detection
Ø Detection of natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas
Ø SMT manufacturing process,good stability

Working voltage DC12~24V
Quiescent Current ≤100mA
Alarm current ≤150mA
Alarm concentration 6%LEL
Alarm sound pressure 70db
Ambient temperature 0℃~55℃
environment humidity ≥95%RH
Alarm Output Sound and light alarm,normally open/normally closed optionally
Dimensions Diameter: 114mm Height:38.5mm
Implementation of standards GB15322-2003