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Smoke and heat complex detector


1、Working voltage: 9V/12VDC selectable,Working current: 3mA,alarm current: 25mA;
2、infrared photoelectric sensor, sensitivity: 2.06% ft ± 1.3% ft;
3、CMOS microprocessor-controlled, low power consumption;
4、manual testing, automatic reset, monitoring area: 20m 2;
5、alarm output NO, NC selectable;
6、has a temperature alarm, factory setting: 70 ° C alarm;
7、The alarm volume: 85dB at 10 ft. ;
8、using the SMT manufacturing process, stability is good;
9、the structural design is unique, anti interference of dust, insects, white light
10、the shell, fire-resistant ABS plastic, nice.

Working Voltage: 9VDC
Working Current: 10uA---30mA
Alarm current: 10~25mA
Alarm Output: NO/NC
Alarm mode: relay out
Alarm Volume: 85dB, 10ft
Alarm time: 1s min
Alarm temperature: 50℃
Working temperature: -10~+60℃
Working Humidity: ≤95%RH
Size: Ф110x42mm