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Wireless optical fire&smoke alarm detector

Item No.: BTD400-18
The smoke detector BTD400-18 provides the best safety and quality you can ever get against potential fire hazard.This accessory triggers the alarm when detecting smoke while its built-in siren will sound to give an early warning.

Ø Sensor: photoelectric type
Ø Operating voltage: DC9V
Ø working current: static ≦ 10uA, dynamic ≦ 40mA
Ø Sensitivity: Meet the UL217 standard
Ø Operating temperature: 4 ℃ -50 ℃
Ø Working humidity: 10% -90%
Ø alarm sound: 85dB or more
Ø battery life: more than a year
Ø Dimensions: 110mm * 54mm

Installation location:
Ø smoke detectors suitable for installation in the bedroom, kitchen, garage, basement and so on.
Ø If installed in the corridor, the length of the corridor and the wall does not exceed 4M.
Ø Because it is impossible to predict the exact location of the fire source, so the best installation point for the room and the middle of the hall.
Ø If the wall is installed, the distance between the detector and the ceiling is 10-20cm.

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