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Electric fence keypad controller management system

Item No.: BTD-EFKB
With automatic timing arm and disarm function,with communication failure alarm function,adjustable voltage pulse host
The keyboard controller has the following advantages:

● With automatic timing arm and disarm function, automatic arming and disarming of time and zone status can be set freely, intelligently automatically arm and disarm for zone control;
● with mains power failure and recovery prompts, each user can be a timely reminder of the power state of the host;
● with communication failure alarm function, the ability to prompt the user for each pulse communications line failure between the host and the control room;
● with wireless control function (this function is optional), can together multiple wireless remote control;
● 2 control points can be controlled at the same time;
● via RS485 bus for up to 32 electronic fence zone full control;
● You can carry out all or part of the zone is closed, arm, disarm, high and low voltage conversion function of each zone;
● adjustable voltage pulse host, you can set the pulse output voltage value of the host;
● adjustable pulse to pulse period the host, you can set the pulse period value of the host;
● You can automatically record the latest 128 alarms, alarm information to understand in detail (including the alarm zone number, category (short circuit, open circuit, tamper), alarm time);
● When there is an alarm, it will automatically highlight the information being alarms;
● polling week short time, you can quickly reflect the zone status and alarm information;
● You can host various zones of the fence alarm reset;
● You can arbitrarily set the host anti-fence area code;
● You can set the sensitivity of the fence alarm host;
● You can set the time for the host fence alarm output;
● You can set the time for the entire system;
● You can cycle through the zone has been opened status information (including the actual output voltage value zone or zone alarm status);
● switch with a common alarm output function;
● Intelligent turn off the LCD backlight, more energy saving;
● user-friendly, user-friendly operation;
● with a password login function, safe and reliable, but also can modify the password;

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