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tension electric fence joystick

Item No.: BTD-500-I
BTD tension spring electric fence for home & garden, with tensioning alarm
Resolution: 1N
Tension static value: 100N-300N, adaptive, and can automatically adjust according to environmental changes.
Tension alarm threshold: 10N-50N, or to meet the adjacent wire rope when the distance is 20mm, the alarm signal is issued
Anti disassembly switch: the tension controller should be installed in the control rod. When the work is done, the control lever is opened, that is, the alarm signal of anti disassembly is sent out
Alarm response time: less than 1.5S
Output interface: instant alarm (normally open, normally closed); 
485 signals are output for long distance and multi node communication.
Control parameter setting: Tension static value range, tension alarm threshold, etc..
Multi channel control rod cascade